Concert for a Cause


Great event this Saturday night if you are in the Indianapolis area.  Josh Kaufman (winner of The Voice season 6) and myself will be playing for a couple hours to support this wonderful mission.  I go on at 5 and Josh takes the stage @ 6:30. Come on out and support Safe Families.



Music Video



Watch Our New Video Here!


New Music Video




Almost Here!


New Album Coming Soon!

Album is in the final production stages and should be out soon.

Update 2/14/17 All songs have been mastered and will soon be sent out for distribution!



World Premiere!


Here it is! The world premiere of every song off of the album. Hope you enjoy it!


Po Boy Drum Set



Youtube Link


Youtube link for new Single! (Click Here)


Old Rugged Cross


The new single is ready to roll out!   You can get your legal copy on the Old Rugged Cross tab of this website. All proceeds are donated.

My hope is that your relationship with God is strengthened by listening and you are encouraged throughout your day J



Gone Giggin'


Had a wonderful time Pendleton. Thanks for coming!


Why Starbucks Doesn't Matter


Holiday Boycott – An annual tradition for some Christians who, looking for a mission to be involved in, show their disgust by slandering a business for not operating in a “christian” manner.

I roll my eyes when one of my friends...


Stories & Songs



Drum Tracking Day!



Now Streaming


We are now streaming our new single "Time on the Wayside" on reverbnation!  It will be available for download on iTunes later this week :)


New Single


Here's a quick video announcing the next single from Blackpoint and reminding all of our friends that there is only 4 more days to vote for the 2014 Carolina Music Awards


Gig Photo


Playing at IUPUI last month. Moments later we got



New Music!


Last year, I joined Blackpoint as a side project. Although I’m a solo musician most of the time (and most comfortable that way), I am actually really enjoying the collaboration. Writing for Blackpoint stretches me as a writer and gives me permission to delve into other genres that I have never felt comfortable writing before. It’s become a real outlet for me and I look forward to


Tonight, I Grieve


Tonight I am grieving. 

Not for the loss of a friend or loved one.  No, tonight I grieve for an unfinished work; a work that has been on my desk for 3 years.  It has gone through many transitions and in it’s current state, it is somewhere between the saddest song ever written and a powerful anthem that could move thousands to a cause. Stylistically, it’s a cross between


Down With The Sickness



It's pretty clear that Jesus was against murder and revenge.

(Matthew 5:21-22, 5:38-42, 5:43-48)

In the above passages, Jesus tells his followers to love their enemies and to never take revenge. He also taught that hatred is on the same level as murder and that neither will be tolerated.


Live Performance of "Sweet Pardon"


Click on the picture to see a live performance of "Sweet Pardon"



Using my new toy for the first time (harmonica)



Album Progress: The first Glimpse of "Missional War"



Album Progress: Track Titles


It has taking me about 2 years of experiencing life to have enough to write about to fill another album. This next album, Missional War, is now in the pre-recording phase. This is the phase where I record the songs in my home studio, the phase where the words on the page begin to take shape. I lay down the core of the track (normally guitar) and then lay down vocals. Nothing too messy about that, but then I start to experiment, and that can get a bit crazy.


Album Progess: Working Title


A new album is in the works!

The title is.......


Summer Tour


Before I'm tied down to the studio this fall I really want to get on the road and try out some new material.

I am now booking Living Room Shows as well as All Other Venues in the following areas:


I wish I had more hands



What is music for?


Many times during the day, there is a song or a rhythm that runs through my head. Often it is so loud and rambunctious that it forces all other thoughts to the outer recesses of my mind.


Not In Nottingham


I have always liked this song.  Not only is it a solid tune, but it brings to memory child hood days long gone.


The REAL tragedy of the 2012 election


Earlier this month Americans were given an opportunity to cast a vote for who they thought should be the President of the United States for the next four years.  Many called this the most important election in history (of course we hear this every four years, so take it with a grain of salt.)


Local Music Can Succeed!


When done well, local music adds to the richness of a region. When done really well, it defines that region. Think of Seattle in the late 80’s to early 90’s. In Seattle you had thousands of bands that were out playing gigs on any given night. What was interesting about the Seattle scene and what I believe made it work was the comrade spirit between the bands.


Learning from Hiroshima


This is a great speech given by an Air Force chaplain who blessed the men who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, his name was George Zabelka.

"In the years after the bombing, he was haunted by the horror of war and bombs and became a compelling voice for peace." (Shane Claiborne.)

This speech was given on the 40th anniversary of the bombings. Its fitting since today marks the anniversary of that tragic day. Warning: This speech may change your view of war.


I'm not anti-american. I'm pro-world.


Here are some quotes that I like and agree with that I found in my morning reading (a blog by Shane Claiborne).

"I'm not anti-american, I'm pro-world."  "Remember that love does not stop at any border."  "Love is infinitely boundless." 


I'm an activist and proud of it


It's now been 10 months since I began this mission to change the world. Last August, I released an album to raise money to help fight injustice and to spread hope to the hopeless. So far the album has raised about $3,200. My hope is that this number will be doubled this year.

It was about 2 years ago when sex trafficking first came to my attention. Until then I had no idea that millions of women and girls were being kidnapped and forced to do terrible things so that their captors could make a buck. When my eyes were opened, I was instantly heartbroken. But, I didn’t know what to do. How could I help? I’m only one man.


10 myths about Introverts


Everything below is from Owl City's Blog. Being an Introvert myself this piece really resonated with me so I decided to share it. Enjoy!:

I recently stumbled across a blog written by Carl King about the phenomenon known as the introverted human being and it struck a major chord with me. After each bullet, I felt like standing up and shouting “YESSSSSSSSS!” at the top of my lungs because these points (made by author Marti Laney, Psy.D) are total home runs. As an extreme introvert, this is like sweet manna from heaven.


Socially Awkward


Social Media has changed the world.  What Twitter did is it made the world smaller.  I know instantly what my friend in Thailand had for dinner or what problem my Aunt is going through.  With Facebook, I can stay in touch with my family by seeing their photos while also posting photos of my own kids to help the extended relatives feel like they are still a part of our lives even though we live far away.

On a professional level it has helped me get my music out to the world and enabled me to connect with people from all nations.

Let me say, I love Facebook!

I do see a downside of our FB culture though.  This is nothing bad about FB really,  but more about our misuse of it. 

Since FB's inception there has been a shift in what is socially acceptable to say.  It seems that anything is game.  You can cuss someone out, be extremely rude, talk about your private hygiene issues or get on your soapbox and say things that you would never say in public. 

But, it is public! You are engaged in a conversation that everyone from grandma, to little Timmy down the street to the local whore can read.  You're not just yelling into space.  Imagine a room full of all of your FB friends, that is who you are speaking to with every post.

Perhaps a little discretion is needed. Or perhaps I'm just old fashioned in my thinking.


In The Beginning


The first blog entry is always quite daunting for me.  Do I write something profound or something funny? Do I write about my music, my family, my faith; do I show a video that impacted me or a photo that makes you think? 

I think I will just say hello to you all and assure you that anything goes on this blog, I am not afraid to be honest with you all.