Album Progress: Track Titles

It has taking me about 2 years of experiencing life to have enough to write about to fill another album.  This next album, Missional War, is now in the pre-recording phase.  This is the phase where I lay down the songs in my home studio so that I can listen back to them in order to get ideas of how to enhance them. It's the phase where the words on the page begin to take shape. I lay down the core of the track (normally guitar) and then lay down vocals.  Nothing too messy about that, but then I start to experiment, and that can get a bit crazy. 

I listen to the songs and pick up any instrument I can to see if it serves the song. Sometimes, the answer presents itself early on in the process.  But sometimes, it seems as if I will never find the right instrumentation to express what the song is trying to convey.

It's a brutal phase for me. I have been known to work on songs for months only to drop them at the last minute.  Or I could be neck deep in a song and then start chasing a new melody for the next week.

I asked the fans of my facebook page yesterday if they would like to know a little more about the album. The response was very positive, so I have decided to release the Track Titles of Missional War including a few other snippets about the album.

These may change later, but at least this will show you the progress I'm making. Thanks for reading.


-Gone away (with glockenspiel, nice melody, laid back kind-a-groove)

-Picket Line (piano driven)

-Mumbai (about the sex trade in India, graphic)

-Guilty Bones (gettin’ my whistle on)

-The Sorrow I Know (with harmonica)

-Missional War

-Come Alive  (full band on this one)


-Turn Back The Moon

-Better Days #2 (Same lyrics and melody but different instrumentation than the version on my first album)

-Carnival (fun little bluegrass type tune)

-There are also 3 songs that have yet to be titled. 2 of them I use the electric guitar on, which is new for me. And you may find a banjo on a tune or two.


-Teardrops (Massive Attack Cover) –piano driven

-Naked As We Came (Iron & Wine Cover)

-Society (Eddie Vedder Cover)

-Rox In The Box (Decemberists Cover)

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