I'm an activist and proud of it

It's now been 10 months since I began this mission to change the world. Last August, I released an album to raise money to help fight injustice and to spread hope to the hopeless. So far the album has raised about $3,200. My hope is that this number will be doubled this year.

It was about 2 years ago when sex trafficking first came to my attention. Until then I had no idea that millions of women and girls were being kidnapped and forced to do terrible things so that their captors could make a buck. When my eyes were opened, I was instantly heartbroken. But, I didn’t know what to do. How could I help? I’m only one man.

Then a thought came to my mind. “What if this was my daughter?” One man or not, I would fight day and night to get her back. How is my daughter any more important than someone else’s daughter? We are all human, part of the brotherhood of man. When one suffers an injustice, we all do. I had to do something. So, since I had some musical skills, I decided to record an album and donate the proceeds.

One of the organizations that the album proceeds go to is Project Red Light Rescue. Their headquarters are in Texas. They work in India to help rescue women and girls that are trapped in this horrific “trade.” I can’t say exactly what area of India they work in for fear of them being exposed. But, I can say that many women that had no hope of ever being set free are now living out normal lives and that this is all because of the efforts of Project Red Light Rescue.

Once rescued, these women are taken to a center to be rehabilitated back into society. They learn a trade to provide for themselves and they receive the counseling they need to put their past behind them. Most importantly, they are introduced to Jesus Christ. There is no greater peace than that that comes from Christ. I personally have experienced it many times. Whenever the world is crashing down around me, I find my solace in him.

Through that peace that surpasses all understanding and with the skills that they acquire through their rehabilitation they emerge from the center with something they have never had. Hope.


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