I'm not anti-american. I'm pro-world.

Here are some quotes that I like and agree with that I found in my morning reading (a blog by Shane Claiborne).

"I'm not anti-american, I'm pro-world."  "Remember that love does not stop at any border."  "Love is infinitely boundless." 

My Thoughts:
My hope is that whatever country you live in does not become more important to you than another. When that happens your hometown pride will begin to overtake you. You will start to think that your ways are best and that everyone else's are wrong. You will begin to look upon people of other countries as sub-human and place yourself and your values above theirs. Blindness will begin to set in and you will be unable to see the needs of others in foreign lands. Even if you do get a glimpse of them, you won't care because they are not in your country. In time, your pride will destroy you as your humanity dwindles and your compassion becomes nonexistent.

We are one world.  Love knows no bounds.  Compassion must be given to all despite their country of origin. Don't give in to the temptation of Nationalism.  It's a disease that spreads quickly and has the ability to kill billions. We are one world!


Hey, I just wrote something similar on my blog. Great minds... lol. Lesley

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