Local Music Can Succeed!

When done well, local music adds to the richness of a region. When done really well, it defines that region. Think of Seattle in the late 80’s to early 90’s. In Seattle you had thousands of bands that were out playing gigs on any given night. What was interesting about the Seattle scene and what I believe made it work was the comrade spirit between the bands.

They supported each other. They respected one another.

This is what makes a healthy music scene; and any town can have it.

We become stronger when we band together in purpose. We should promote each other, back each other up, share gigs and share resources. In community we will find strength; not just strength for one, but strength for all. An “every man for himself” approach just doesn’t work. We say we support local music and tell others to do the same, but are we really asking them to support the scene or are we just asking them to support us as an individual. We can’t scream out to the public to support local music when we don’t do the same.

A few visionaries have realized this. Josh Stevens and Ernesto Rivas are two of those people.

They decided that when they made and album that they would use as much local talent as they could. They have a deep desire to see Fayetteville, NC defined by its local music.

Here are Josh’s thoughts on BLACKPOINT’s album “Let us make a scene”:

“Our original concept was twofold: play songs from some of the artists that have greatly influenced our own styles and musical personalities while recruiting musicians from the area that we are fans of and who’s personal stylings best complimented the particular song we covered.”

“Our objective continues to be heightening awareness of the depth of talent in the local music scene while simultaneously demonstrating that as artists we can do more to work with and support one another.  If our goal is to mobilize the local community to get out and support our individual efforts then we’ve got to put money where our mouth is and show up to support one another.  BLACKPOINT loves playing music more than being recognized for doing it. Working together with all of the amazing talent in the area we can inject some of that teenage spirit and excitement into our scene. Reading  Azerrad’s book “Our Band Could Be Your Life” simply allowed us to better articulate what we are trying to accomplish. We are so grateful to the folks that played on the album with us and to the burgeoning scene comprised of the coolest people who make an effort to come out and enjoy the noise."

“Rock’n’roll is a teenage sport, meant to be played by
teenagers of all ages—they could be 15, 25, 35.
It all boils down to whether they’ve got the love in their hearts,
that’s beautiful teenage spirit…-Calvin Johnson”
From "Our Band Could Be Your Life;"
Scene from the American Indie Underground, 1982-1991


Tomorrow evening at the Black Cat on Ft. Bragg Road, BLACKPOINT will be releasing their anticipated album –“Let us make a scene.” The doors open at 8pm.  Since Josh and Ernesto are professed populists they have decided to make this a free show –no cover!

Also, they will be shooting a music video for the opening track of the album!  So come out  and be a part of this memorable evening.


Here are a few of the artists that joined forces for this musical endeavor.

Josh Stevens (BLACKPOINT)
Ernesto Rivas (BLACKPOINT)
Andy Pow (Digital Wave Recording)
John David Shaw
Tyler Pow (Search Theory)
Courtney Sapp (Search Theory)
Joe Barrett
Chris Alley
Colin Neal
Aaron Bradley
Brad Muffet
Anthony Liuzza
William Richardson
Stanley Draughon
Derek Lee Bishop
Angelita Esparar
Shannon Stamey (Album art)
Dave Harris (Studio B Mastering)

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