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Last year, I joined Blackpoint as a side project. Although I’m a solo musician most of the time (and most comfortable that way), I am actually really enjoying the collaboration. Writing for Blackpoint stretches me as a writer and gives me permission to delve into other genres that I have never felt comfortable writing before. It’s become a real outlet for me and I look forward to what is to come.

We just released a new EP that you can find on Itunes. 

It’s called A Family of Tree Farmers.  “Why” you ask? Why not!

We have two originals and two covers on the album. (There is also a hidden track available only on the physical copy of the album.) Available on

The originals I’m particularly proud of. The band has really written some nice material here. The two tracks I’m talking about are Struggling for the Common Good and Tell Me I’m Wrong. The later features Crissie and Dylan LeBlanc. Don’t ask me how we got Dylan to sing with us.  I’m still gigging out about it!

The covers are two totally different pieces.  One is a tune called Day after Day which was a big hit for Badfinger. The other is a lovely song by Sufjan Stevens called Size to Small.

Please consider checking out our EP.  I got a feeling that there is something on this album for everyone. 

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