Socially Awkward

Social Media has changed the world.  What Twitter did is it made the world smaller.  I know instantly what my friend in Thailand had for dinner or what problem my Aunt is going through.  With Facebook, I can stay in touch with my family by seeing their photos while also posting photos of my own kids to help the extended relatives feel like they are still a part of our lives even though we live far away.

On a professional level it has helped me get my music out to the world and enabled me to connect with people from all nations.

Let me say, I love Facebook!

I do see a downside of our FB culture though.  This is nothing bad about FB really,  but more about our misuse of it. 

Since FB's inception there has been a shift in what is socially acceptable to say.  It seems that anything is game.  You can cuss someone out, be extremely rude, talk about your private hygiene issues or get on your soapbox and say things that you would never say in public. 

But, it is public! You are engaged in a conversation that everyone from grandma, to little Timmy down the street to the local whore can read.  You're not just yelling into space.  Imagine a room full of all of your FB friends, that is who you are speaking to with every post.

Perhaps a little discretion is needed. Or perhaps I'm just old fashioned in my thinking.


Raise awareness in Haiti.. Because it feels betetr to help those not on our door steps? I know the devastating effects of this. I was not sold but ignored. It is here and more than we could ever dream. There is a HUGE difference between prostitution of an adult and what happens to a child

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