What is music for?

Many times during the day, there is a song or a rhythm that runs through my head. Often it is so loud and rambunctious that it forces all other thoughts to the outer recesses of my mind.

To get any nonmusical work done at all, I have to take those melodies and stuff them into an imaginary room in my mind and lock the door until I can give them the time that they deserve.

When that time finally arrives, and I sit down with guitar in hand, there is this familiar feeling that comes over me. I liken it to the feeling I get when I come home from a long day. Like that’s where I’m supposed to live, eat, rest and worship.

When I’m writing, I don’t take kindly to interruptions. I turn my phone off and shut the door. At times, I have made the mistake of entering into the writing process while other people are around; when they interrupt me as they tend to do, I become irritable very quickly as if being pulled awake from a good dream. I blame myself when this happens. I should know better. I should know to wait.

What is this music that won’t leave me alone? What is it for?

I love making it. Perhaps it’s for my own enjoyment. Or perhaps the enjoyment of others, there are at least a few who enjoy listening to me play.

Or could it be that there is a higher purpose for the music inside of me? I have been taught that this talent was invested in me by the one who created me. If that’s true and it was invested in me, then I must assume that some sort of return is probably desired from the investor. But what return is desired? Is it something as petty as my own pleasure or could it be that this gift of music was actually given to me for the lofty purpose of honoring my creator and turning attentions towards him? As I write this, I’m inclined to say yes; and if that’s true, then my motivation for writing changes. If that’s true, then I need to pay more attention to the music in my head and schedule more time behind that door.



Amen Bro.......Jesus loves to hang out with you.

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