Why Starbucks Doesn't Matter

Holiday Boycott – An annual tradition for some Christians who, looking for a mission to be involved in, find purpose in slandering a business for not operating in a “christian” manner.

I roll my eyes when one of my friends goes on a Facebook rant about how we should all boycott some huge company for not recognizing Christmas in a manner that they, the ranter, believe it should be recognized. 

2 Timothy 2:23 is a great passage.  Look it up. (Yes, that’s a trick to get you to read your bible.)

Are we that hungry for a mission to get behind that we need to invent things to be pissed off about?  Have we diminished our calling to preach the gospel of truth down to an urging to join the latest picket line?

Answer me this: Why in the world, would we expect a non-Christian company to hold Christian values? That doesn’t make any sense! Moreover, if we can’t expect them to hold Christian values, then how can we get upset when they don’t?

As Christians we have so many things that we should be focusing on and judging the goings-on of non-Christians (or non-Christian companies) isn’t one of them. Paul, said it best “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? (1 Cor 5:12)

I’m not going to yell at Starbucks for not putting “Merry Christmas” on a cup, because it just….doesn’t….matter.

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