Concert for a Cause 

Great event this Saturday night if you are in the Indianapolis area.  Josh Kaufman (winner of The Voice season 6) and myself will be playing for a couple hours to support this wonderful mission.  I go on at 5 and Josh takes the stage @ 6:30. Come on out and support Safe Families.


Almost Here! 

New Album Coming Soon!

Album is in the final production stages and should be out soon.

Update 2/14/17 All songs have been mastered and will soon be sent out for distribution!


Old Rugged Cross 

The new single is ready to roll out!   You can get your legal copy on the Old Rugged Cross tab of this website. All proceeds are donated.

My hope is that your relationship with God is strengthened by listening and you are encouraged throughout your day J


Gone Giggin' 

Had a wonderful time Pendleton. Thanks for coming!

Why Starbucks Doesn't Matter 

Holiday Boycott – An annual tradition for some Christians who, looking for a mission to be involved in, find purpose in slandering a business for not operating in a “christian” manner.

I roll my eyes when one of my friends goes on a Facebook rant about how we should all boycott some huge company for not recognizing Christmas in a manner that they, the ranter, believe it should be recognized. 

2 Timothy 2:23 is a great passage.  Look it up. (Yes, that’s a trick to get you to read your bible.)

Are we that…

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After recouping recording and distribution costs, Derek donates all proceeds from his music and merchandise to organizations that are spreading compassion and hope all over the world.