Old Rugged Cross

Derek Lee Bishop

This is my rendition of Old Rugged Cross. I hope you like it!

"A beautiful rendition of a classic song. A perfect way to engage generations young and old in worship together. Derek has truly found a sweet spot of simplicity and creativity with this arrangement." - Taylor (Worship and Media Pastor in NC)

"Derek Lee Bishop's rendition of the classic hymn "Old Rugged Cross" reinvents it for a newer audience. This hymn is so beloved by many and Bishop keeps the classic tent revival feel of the song that has always accompanied it, but creates new acoustic riffs and changes the melody enough to bring a new, folk-friendly sound. The music vamps up a little at the end to remind us of what that old rugged cross has done for us and fills us with passion and then gently reminds us to cling to the cross, for our true joy lies in the crown we will receive in heaven. This song will comfort you as you walk through the valley, and invigorate you as you celebrate the sacrifice of the cross and the freedom it has purchased for you. Well done, Derek Lee Bishop!" – Benjamin (Music Lover in GA)

Derek Lee Bishop’s version of “Old Rugged Cross” gives us a beautiful and creative new version of an old classic. From the haunting, but enticing opening chords, to the rugged, passionate, and unique vocals, this version of Old Rugged Cross is a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of the same old thing. As the drums kick in you become reminiscent of the original, however, the electric guitar kicks in a great riff and takes it to a new level of its own, especially with the musical breakdown near the end. Overall, this is a great version that will remain in my playlist rotation for a long time. -Nick (Worship Leader / Songwriter / Pastor in WV)

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After recouping recording and distribution costs, Derek donates all proceeds from his music and merchandise to organizations that are spreading compassion and hope all over the world.